15th Irish Australian Conference Melbourne 2007

15th Irish Australian Conference
La Trobe University Melbourne
September 2007


Plenary Speakers

Professor Brigid Laffan, University College Dublin, “Ireland in Europe: A Model for small states?”

Dr Rebecca Pelan, University College Dublin, “Compatible and Comparable: ‘New’ configurations of Gender, Identity and Knowledge in Europe”

Professor Bronwen Walter, Anglia Ruskin University, UK, “The ‘White Irish’ in Britain: Empire and its legacies”

Conference Papers

Dr Colin Barr, Ave Maria University Naples, FL, “Irish Episcopal Imperialism: Paul Cullen and the creation of Hiberno-Roman Catholicism in the United State, British North America, The Cape of Good Hope, Australia, New Zealand and Scotland”

Dr Andrew Butt, La Trobe University, Bendigo, “Comparative Rural Planning Cultures”

Diane Campbell, University of Ballarat, “Anglo-Irish lawyers on the Victorian Goldfields”

Dr Danny Cusack, formerly Murdoch University, “Hugh Mahon: Political Martyr?”

Emeritus Prof. Richard P. Davis, “Opposition to Irish Nationalism in New Zealand and Tasmania, 1870-1948”

Steve Duke, “Sticks and Stones: Faction fights in the 18th century”

Dr Chris Eipper, La Trobe University, “‘Can I pin this microphone on you?’: Ethnographic film making as a contribution to a participant-observation study of the Irish election at the local level”

Dr Richard Evans, La Trobe University, Bendigo, “‘More Important than the Irish question itself’: The Irish envoys affair of 1923”

Dr Lyndon Fraser, University of Cantebury and Sarah Dwyer, Christchurch City Council, “Ulster Scots migrants in Canterbury, New Zealand, 1850-1914”

Dr Larry Geary, University College Cork, “Charles Gavan Duffy, the Great Famine and Memory Ireland in Colonial Australia”

Jenny Gerrand, La Trobe University, “The Multicultural values of the Melbourne 1843 Election Day Irish-Catholic-Australian riot”

Jan Gow, New Zealand, “Not THAT NBG website again!!”

Chad Habel, Flinders University, “Irish Bamboo: Reconceptualising ancestry in the antipodes”

Dr Dianne Hall, University of Melbourne and Dr Lindsay Proudfoot, Queens University Belfast, “Place, Memory and identity among Ulster settlers in New South Wales”

Prof. Jennifer Harrison, University of Queensland, “Eden could yield no more: Ulster immigrants to Moreton Bay, 1848-59”

Gerard Horn, Victoria University of Wellington, “Picnics, Prayers and Weddings: Irish Protestants in Wellington, 1881-1901”

Stephanie James, Flinders University, “The Irish in South-Australia’s mid-North: some preliminary findings”

Dr Gareth Jenkins, University College London, “The Local, Regional and National in conflicting conceptions of British identity”

Daniel Leach, University of Melbourne, “This grand festival of Celtic nations that was the celebration of 1966”

Dr Dymphna Longeran, Flinders University, “Irish place names: names and naming”

Gay Lynch, Flinders University, “Twanging the Lyre: An Irish snapshot of the Wreck of the Admella (1859)”

Peter Macfie, Tasmania, “Thomas Meagher, Catherine Bennett and Richmond, Tasmania: Enduring family connections”

Emeritus Prof. John Mclaren, Victoria University, Melbourne, “Beyond violence: Vincent Buckley and Australian responses to the struggle for civil rights in Northern Ireland, 1868-1981”

Anne McMahon, ACT, “Souperism and Proselytism in the West of Ireland”

Assoc. Prof. Frank Molloy, Charles Sturt University, Wagga, “Ireland and the Great War Revisited: Sebastian Barry’s A Long Long Way

Dr Kevin Molloy, State Library of Victoria, “Irish printing and publishing in the Australasian Colonial World: An initial assessment, 1840-1900”

Patrick Naughtin, University of Melbourne, “Championing Ireland’s Causes in Victoria in teh 1880s: The impact of the Redmond and Dillon missions”

Dr Val Noone, University of Melbourne, “Recent Australian Irish writing, 1998-2007”Conference archives

Jamie O’Neill, La Trobe University, “Cosmopolitanism from within: Identity and the nation in Ireland”

Dr Pamela O’Neill, University of Melbourne, “Compass, paper, rock: The power of visual symbols”

Eileen O’Shea, Victoria University Melbourne, “Comparing the professional experiences of Irish Catholic women teachers in the 1930s and 1970s in Victoria”

Dr Brad Patterson, Victoria University, Wellington, “Blow winds blow, and speed us on to Auckland’: Three planned Ulster group settlements in New Zealand, 1860-1880”

Marija Pericic, University of Western Australia, “Myth and misunderstanding: Irish-Australian relations in Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang

Dr Keith Pescod, La Trobe University, “Lollypops to locomotives: The Irish-born manufacturers of colonial Victoria”

Dr Anne Puiju, Northwestern University, “Cultural decolonization and anti-modernism in Free State Theatre, 1920-1929”

Assoc. Prof. Bob Reece, Murdoch University, “The Irishness of Daisy Bates”

Anne Rhodda, New Jersey, USA, “Genealogical records”

Dr Matthew Ryan, Monash University, “Writing place and self in Glenn Patterson’s Burning your own and Seamus Deane’s Reading in the dark

Dr Andrew Shields, The Australian National University, “The mental world of an Irish conservative: Sir Joseph Napier, 1804-82”

Dr Rory Sweetman, University of Otago, “Antipodean reactions to the 1916 rising”

Prof. Peter Toner, University of New Brunswick, Canada, “Identity and integration: Irish nationalism in Canada”

Dr Lycia Trouton, “Linen memorial and migration theory in contemporary installation art: Northern Ireland/Australia”