16th Australasian Irish Studies Conference Wellington 2009

Ireland and the Irish Antipodes: One World or Worlds Apart?

Australasian Irish Studies Conference  9-12 July 2009 Massey University Campus, Wellington, New Zealand


Proceedings published IRELAND AND THE IRISH ANTIPODES: ONE WORLD OR WORLDS APART?  Anchor Books, 2010. (Out of Print).

Plenary Speakers

Thomas Bartlett, University of Aberdeen, “‘The Wild Geese’: Reflections on the history and on the historians of the Irish soldiers in French service in the eighteenth century”

Peter Gray, Queen’s University, Belfast, “Faith, Charity and Political Economy: Protestants and Catholics and the Relief of pre-Famine Poverty”

Dermot Keogh, University College Cork, “The Catholic Church and the Making of the Modern Irish State”

Peter Kuch, University of Otago, “Irishness, the Australian Colonial theatre and the Public Sphere”

Perry McIntyre, St John’s College, University of Sydney, “History of the ‘great unwashed’?: Family History, its Brickbats and Bouquets”

Richard Reid, National Museum of Australia, “Exhibiting the Irish: Creating the National Museum of Australia’s ‘Irish in Australia’ Exhibition”


Shirley Arabin, Mount Maunganui, “The incorrigible Mrs Rice”

Graham Aubrey, Australian Institution of Celtic Studies, “Traditional Music from 1790-1920, as a social expression within Ireland and Abroad”

Colin Barr, Ave Maria University, Florida, “New Zealand and Irish Episcopal Imperialism”

Jill Bender, Boston College, “Irish Nationalism and Anti-British Agitation during the 1857 Indian Rebellion”

Richard Boast, Victoria University of Wellington, “Confiscation in New Zealand: Governments and their Critics and the legacy of the Irish confiscations in the nineteenth century”

Edmund Bohan, Christchurch, “The very model of a fighting Irishman: Colonel James De Renzie Brett, 1808-1889”

Sean Brosnahan, Otago Settlers Museum, “‘Taking off the gloves’: Sectarianism in New Zealand Rugby in the 1920s”

Jeff Brownrigg, University of Canberra,“Queen Victoria’s Palmiest Days: Irish and English convicts making good in New South Wales, 1830-1850”

Patrick Coleman, Lincoln University, “‘Who wants to be a grandmaster?’: A profile of the grandmasters of the LOL of the Middle Island of New Zealand”

Richard Corballis, Massey University, “‘Kia ora begorrah’ or ‘The Go-Between’”

Frances Devlin-Glass, Deakin University, “Jocoserious Fathers: Burlesque and the Representation of Paternity and the Law of the Father in Joyce’s Ulysses

Ann Elder, Waiheke Island, “‘Fragrance on the wind’: Southern Irish heritage of Antipodean Tirnagog”

Lyndon Fraser, University of Canterbury, “‘When rolling seas shall no more divide us’: Transnationalism and the local geographies of Ulster Protestant Settlement in nineteenth-century Canterbury”

Dianne Hall, University of Melbourne, “Gender, race and Irish stereotypes in nineteenth-century Australian cartoons”

Karen Hansen, Kapiti Coast, “New Zealand Irish voices: Stories from Irish migrants and their descendants”

Jennifer Harrison, University of Queensland, “‘A most useful mode of punishment’: The Irish Hulks, 1822-1837”

Gerard Horn, Victoria University of Wellington

Stephanie James, Flinders University, “‘The more things change…’: South Australian Fenians in 1868 and IRA sympathisers in 1982”

Jeff Kildea, University of New South Wales, “Anzacs and Ireland: The Gallipoli connection”

Hugh Laracy, University of Auckland, “St Patrick on Bougainville PNG”

Dymphna Lonergan, Flinders University, “Irish place names in Australia”

Jim McAloon, Victoria University of Wellington, “New Zealand, the EEC and Ireland 1960-1975”

Anne McMahon, Canberra, “The Irish Female Convicts at Sea, 1840-1853”

Elizabeth Malcolm, University of Melbourne, “Race and the Irish in Australia”

Kevin Molloy, State Library of Victoria, “The politics of reading: Identity and the Australasian Irish Reading experience, 1800-1900”

Ewan Morris, New Zealand Law Commission, “One Flag, Two Flags, No Flag, New Flag: Flags on Public buildings in Northern Ireland”

Desiree Mulligan, Taita College/Victoria University of Wellington, “The Hutt Valley Irish Society: A local study of Culture and Heritage”

Nigel Murphy, Waitangi Tribunal, “Where is home for Cromwell’s men?: Unravelling the Anglo-Irish story in Ireland and New Zealand”

Val Noone, University of Melbourne, “‘Our Gaelic Column’: Melbourne 1901-1912”

Michael O’Brien, Upper Hutt, “Family pioneering in a New World: The O’Briens of Waimate”

Geraldene O’Reilly, Cambridge, “Peter Grace: An Irish settler in early Auckland”

Lindsay Proudfoot, Queen’s University, Belfast, “Colonial Geographies of the Anglo-Irish Imagination: New South Wales and the Fourth Earl of Belmore, 1868-1872”

Sue Reynolds, RMIT University, Melbourne, “The influence of the libraries of King’s Inns and Trinity College on the Library of the Supreme Court of Victoria”

Helen Robinson, University of Auckland, “‘Don’t bring politics into remembrance’: Protest and War commemoration in Northern Ireland and Auckland in the 1970s and 1980s”

Greg Ryan, Lincoln University, “‘Built on a rock, not on a vat’: Catholic Opinion on Temperance and Prohibition in New Zealand, c. 1880-1910”

Liz Rushen, Monash University, “‘An accession of valuable and useful free female settlers’: The Dublin Mendicity Soceity and Antipodean Emigration in the early nineteenth century”

Rory Sweetman, University of Otago, “The ‘Cullenisation’ of Catholicism in the Antipodies”

Donna Thurston, Victoria University of Wellington, “Irish Music in Wellington: A study of diaspora music in a local community”

Nicholas Twohill, Auckland, “Making a niche for themselves: A process of Irish integration into New Zealand Gold Rush society”

Christine Yeats, State Records Authority of New South Wales, “Sources for studying the Irish: Convict records”

Organised under the auspices of the Irish Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand

In association with:

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  • Gerry Higgins Chair of Irish Studies, University of Melbourne
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