19th Australasian Irish Studies Conference Dunedin 2012


The 19th Australasian Irish Studies Conference was held at the Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies, University of Otago.

7-10th November 2012

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Keynote speakers were

Professor Rónán McDonald (University of New South Wales)

Rigour or Vigour? Disciplinarity in Irish Studies

Professor Cormac Ó Gráda (University College Dublin)

An End of Famine?

Dr Louise Ryan (Middlesex University)

Beyond the ethnic lens: Irish migration to Britain in Comparative Context

Professor Graham Walker (Queen’s University Belfast)

Ireland and Scotland: From Partition to Peace process

Speakers were:

Fidelma Breen University of Adelaide

Ireland Online: So Close No Matter How Far

Seán Brosnahan Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies, University of Otago

From the Utter West to the Farthest South: Thomas Heffernan and the South Dunedin Hotel

Karen Elizabeth Brown Trinity College, Dublin/University of Cambridge

Ut pictura poesis Revisited in the National Gallery of Ireland

Philip Bull La Trobe University

An Irish Landlord and his Daughter: A Story of War and Survival in America and Ireland

Trevor Burnard University of Melbourne

Ireland, Jamaica and the Imperial Crisis of the 1780s

Gemma Clark University of New South Wales

‘Every man went in fear of his neighbour’: Violence, Intimidation and Communities in Conflict during the Irish Civil War

Jenny Coleman Independent Researcher

An Emerald Greening of Political, Literary and Religious Identity in 19th Century Dunedin

Patrick Coleman Lincoln University

Robert Maunsell: Missionary to the Maori and Orange Sympathiser

Anne CunninghamIndependent Researcher

‘Follow the Money Trail’: Coningham – v – Coningham Revisited

Ann Elder Journalist

Paling of the Green

Lyndon Fraser University of Canterbury

Irish Ways of Death in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand

Dianne Hall Victoria University, Melbourne

Gender, Violence and Memory: Writing Derbforgaill in Irish History

Jennifer Harrison University of Queensland

‘Pitchforking Irish coercionists into colonial vacancies’: The Case of Sir Henry Blake and the Queensland Governorship.

Richard Hill Victoria University of Wellington

Applying Irish Policing Methods in Nineteenth Century Colonies: A Critical Appraisal of the Irish Constabulary Model

Stephanie James Flinders University

The Place of the Catholic Press in the Diaspora: A Case Study of the Role of South Australia’s Southern Cross in Maintaining the Links between Irish-Australians and Ireland, 1889 to 1927

Miri Jassy University of New South Wales

‘Urban and Orbal’: The Antipodes in James Joyce’s Global Vision

Joan Kavanagh Independent Researcher

From Cronelea to Emu Bay, to Timaru and Back: Uncovering the Convict Story

Jeff Kildea University of New South Wales

‘That a just measure of Home Rule may be granted to the people of Ireland’: The 1905 Resolutions of the Australian Parliament

Peter Kuch University of Otago

Global Theatre – Global Ireland

Robert Lindsey University of Melbourne

Coming from over the Waves: The Emergence of Collaborative Action in Ireland and Wales

Lisa Marr University of Otago

Juno at the Circa: An O’Casey Play on the New Zealand Stage, May–June 1976

Lisa McGonigle University of Otago

‘Why was your life worth protecting more than mine?’: The Magdalene Laundries in Aisling Walsh’s Sinners (2002)

Perry McIntyre University of Sydney

Relationships Revealed in the NSW Convict Indents

Pamela O’Neill University of Sydney

Control of the Means of Production in Medieval Gaelic Law

Brad Patterson Victoria University of Wellington

‘Green Redcoats?’: The Irish as a Component of the Imperial Military Forces in Early Colonial New Zealand

Penelope Pollard Independent Researcher

Sacred Shamans and the Otherworld

Audrey Robitaillié Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland and Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, France

Stranger from/to the Other World: Jennifer Cook’s New Reading of the Yeatsian Changeling Motif

Julie Shearer Independent Researcher

The Stranger in the Mirror: ‘Race’, Politics and Contemporary Irish Theatre

Dianne Snowden University of Tasmania

Mental Distress and Forced Migration: Irish Convict Women in the Asylum for the Insane at New Norfolk, Van Diemen’s Land

Abid Vali University of Otago

Yeats as Transnational Mountaineer: Climbing Peaks in ‘Meru’ and ‘Lapis Lazuli’

Valerie Wallace Victoria University of Wellington

Global Covenant: Presbyterianism Radicalism in the Nineteenth-century British World

Zhanpeng Wang Beijing Foreign Studies University

A Tale of Two Countries: Some Reflections on Irish Studies in China and Chinese Studies in Ireland