Irish-Australian Conference Series 1980-2007

Irish-Australian Conference Series and Conference Proceedings

The first Irish-Australian conference was held in Canberra in 1981 and papers from it were published in 1983 in a collection edited by Oliver MacDonagh, W.F. Mandle and Pauric Travers. Since then there has been a further 15 conferences held approximately biennially. A selection of papers from the conferences have been published in the Irish-Australian Conference Proceedings series and in the Australian Journal of Irish Studies (now the Australasian Journal of Irish Studies).

Dr Val Noone has written two important bibliographic essays on this and related conference series and the publications resulting from them. These two essays are available for download here.



The proceedings that have appeared and are analysed by Dr Noone are:

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and Nationalism 1750-1950, London, Macmillan, 1983.

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(eds), Irish-Australian Studies: Papers delivered at the Eighth Irish-Australian

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Perth, Centre for Irish Studies, 2004. This was published as Australian

Journal of Irish Studies, vol 4, special issue.

Geary, Laurence, and McCarthy, Andrew (eds), Ireland, Australia and New

Zealand: History, Politics and Culture, Dublin, Irish Academic Press,