Bloomsday in Melbourne

Thursday 16th of June 2011 1:00pm — Friday 17th of June 2011 11:00pm


Bloomsday in Melbourne annually hosts a mini-festival to celebrate James Joyce’s novels. The theme this year is Joyce and the Nation.

Three Great Bloomsday Events: a play, ‘An Irishman and a Jew go into a Pub…’, adapted from the Cyclops chapter of Ulysses, as well as a seminar and a dinner.

The Play at the Open Stage Theatre, University of Melbourne, 757 Swanston St., Carlton.
1pm & 8pm, 16 June. 8pm 17 June. $35. THREE PERFORMANCES ONLY
Barney Kiernan’s pub is home to fomenting fenians, one-eyed nationalists, who are stoked with Guinness and outrage. Into this maelstrom comes Jewish, pacifist Bloom. Joyce’s take on political and cultural nationalism is highly nuanced and the barflies are counterpointed by an eloquent Celtic Narrator, who speaks the languages of the ancient literary past, but often slant.

The Seminar: 3.30pm, Open Stage Theatre
Joyce and Nationalism, with papers by Dr. Val Noone, and Assoc. Prof. Frances Devlin-Glass. $20

The Dinner, 6pm, 16 June.
at Cafe La Notte, 140-6 Lygon St., Carlton
The focus of this event is Joyce’s death 70 years ago this year. $45 for 2 courses. Drinks at bottle-shop prices.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: Bob on 0398982900