Transnational Ireland

A new international research network concerned with exploring the history of modern Ireland using a transnational approach. This is a blog by Melbourne based Irish writer Eoin Hahessy.

Embassy of Ireland in Canberra, Australia

Bloomsday in Melbourne

Bloomsday in Melbourne is a literary festival held each year on 16 June to celebrate James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Celtic Studies at Sydney University

Global Irish Studies Centre (UNSW Sydney)

Sarah Sharkey PhD Top-Up Scholarship In Irish Studies

Irish Ancestry Group at Genealogical Society of Victoria

Irish and English Ancestry group at Queensland Genealogical Society

British convict transportation registers

The State Library of Queensland has re-released the British Convict Transportation Registers Database (over 123,000 convicts sent to Australia between 1787 and 1867).

The underlying software was changed as the original software did not cope adequately with the amount of traffic experienced – the new system is much better equipped to cope with demand.

A new feature of the database is the ability for researchers to post comments on a chosen convict’s record. This comment field is a great way for researchers to share their notes on a convict’s life.

Irish consulate in New Zealand

The place to go for a wealth of information about all things Irish in New Zealand.

Celtic Studies University of Sydney

National Museum of Australia: Irish in Australia Exhibition

Canadian Irish Studies Association

Ricorso – Irish literature gateway site

Scoláire Staire

This is the website of the online Irish history magazine, Scoláire Staire. The magazine is written mainly by postgrads and recent PhD graduates and aimed at historians, students and the general public.

The aim of Scoláire Staire is to give an outlet to young Irish historians who want to get their names and ideas out there fast. It is envisaged that the magazine will become much more than a simple publication.

Irish Community of NSW

This Irish Community NSW Website is a not-for-profit facility provided by and for the Irish Community. It aims to be a single online focal point for people living in and visiting NSW who are interested in finding out about events that the many Irish cultural and sporting groups and businesses put on throughout the year

Celtic Council of NSW

Aims to support, in appropriate ways, efforts by tertiary educational institutions in research, training and study of Celtic culture, languages and history;

Manscripts at Trinity College Dublin Blog

What do the following have in common: The Book of Kells, the papers of Erskine Childers, Egyptian Books of the Dead, Wolfe Tone’s death mask and Samuel Beckett’s struggles with creativity? They are all in the care of the staff of the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library along with thousands of other unique and irreplaceable historical items spanning 3000 years. This blog aims to share some of the stories behind the collections