Prof. Sonja Tiernan, Eamon Cleary Chair of Irish Studies, University of Otago

Commemorating controversy: Women and the Shaping of Modern Ireland

Abstract The intention of this paper is to track the use of commemorations, which have played a pivotal role in Ireland as a way of re-evaluating the ideals and objectives of those who fought for an independent country. A central focus is to examine commemorations at various stages so that we can follow the changing position of women in Ireland and gain insight as to how women’s contributions to the shaping of modern Ireland were in effect written out of Irish history books, until recently. 

 Sonja Tiernan is Éamon Cleary Professor of Irish Studies and co-director of the Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies and the University of Otago, New Zealand. She has published widely in the area of modern Irish gender and women’s history. Her most recent monograph, The History of Marriage Equality in Ireland: a social revolution begins,is published by Manchester UP in 2020.

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