“A Name for Herself”

A Name for Herself , a play about Constance Markievicz written by Meg McNena and directed by Dublin-born Lynda Fleming premieres for two shows on 13 March at the Renaissance Theatre, East Kew, Melbourne.

Sisters: a militant rebel and a pacifist poet strive to set women and Ireland free; one sentenced to death – can the other save her? In a centenary year of Irish Independence, this is a compelling story of a trail-blazing Irish suffragist, activist, feminist revolutionary, giving women and Ireland a strong voice in a century that started with women having no vote and with Ireland still ruled by England without its own parliament. The story of this Sligo landlord’s daughter is even more remarkable because she turned her back on the Anglo-Irish privilege of gentry, and swapped her ball gowns and jewels for an Irish Citizens Army Uniform and a leading role in the Easter Rising of 1916.

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More information can be be found at: https://anameforherself.wixsite.com/play