The Uses of Irish-Australian Literature

Introduction: The Uses of Irish-Australian Literature
Ronan McDonald, Maggie Nolan
Conceptualising Irish-Aboriginal Writing
Maggie Nolan
Irish-Australian Literature: Ghosts, Genealogy, Tradition
Paul Giles
‘Ourselves Alone’? Encounters between the Irish Literary Revival and Australian Settler-Modernisms, ca. 1913 – 1919
Jimmy H. Yan
Irishness as a Literary Condition: Australia and its Irish Reading and Writing Community
Kevin Molloy
Bibliographic Notes on Selected Irish-Australian Writers
Val Noone
Defining the Field of Irish-Australian Literature: Challenges and Conundrums
Frances Devlin-Glass
Irish Republicanism and the Colonial Australian Bushranger Narrative
Ken Gelder, Rachael Weaver
Antipodal Ireland and Tasmanian Underworlds: John Mitchel and William Moore Ferrar
Philip Mead
Writing the Irish-Australian Self: Life-Writers and Irish Stereotypes, 1870-2000
Patrick Buckridge
Irish Protestant Colonialism and Educational Ideology in Australia: Hannah Boyd’s Letters on Education (1848)
Anne Jamison
Displaced Homelands in Gerald Murnane’s Inland
Mark Byron
Vincent Buckley, Colonialism and the Problem of Irish-Australian Identity
Ronan McDonald

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