Steps of Freedom

The Irish Film Festival will premiere Ruán Magan’s award-winning Steps of Freedom on August 25th in the Palace Chauvel Cinema in Sydney, and other Australian cities through September. Steps of Freedom: The Story of Irish Dance is Writer/Director Ruán Magan’s enthralling documentary of how Irish dance has progressed to become a global phenomenon. Beautifully shot and mesmerising to watch, Steps of Freedom is a celebration of the history and heart of Irish culture, and its global appeal.

Steps of Freedom is no normal documentary: it is a social history of Ireland told through dance, revealing crucial aspects of the Irish character; and it is an entertainment show featuring stunning performances by some of the very best dancers of the day”, Ruán Magan told RTE.

Steps of Freedom is just the first of a stimulating new program of Irish films coming to Australia this year. The IFF will be at Palace Cinemas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Canberra. In October, after the cinema screenings, some of the program will be available online.