Exiles by James Joyce

Exiles by James Joyce
15 – 25 June 2023, Melbourne, Australia
Presented by Bloomsday

Why has James Joyce’s only play been so overlooked? 

Ahead of its time, featuring free love, polyamory, homoeroticism, bisexuality and thruppledom, Exiles subverts the 19th century adultery comedy in a darkly funny and strange exploration of not one but two sets of partner exchanges… and for good measure throws in a daring undercurrent of homoeroticism, in an era when the open presentation on the stage of such subject matter was strictly taboo.

Even avid Joyceans will be startled. Beneath its deceptively conventional surface, Exiles is a gripping psychological drama about love, honesty and fearlessness in intimate relationships. Its characters are complex, shifting, troubled.

Director Carl Whiteside has assembled a superb team with Doug Lyons, Lucy Payne and Soren Jensen in the leading roles. And we’re delighted to be back at fortyfivedownstairs for the season. Tickets are available now and we urge you to bring someone new to Bloomsday to enjoy the buzz and the craic and the emotional rollercoaster that is Exiles.

Our season runs from Thursday 15th to Sunday 25th June and cannot be extended.

Review by Ronan McDonald

More information about the play Exiles,  and the associated Seminar and annual Bloomsday Lunch is available at www.bloomsdayinmelbourne.org.au