Volume 10

AJIS Volume 10 (2010): Contents

Special issue: The Irish in New Zealand

  • Obituary: James Griffin (1929-2010) Paul Ormonde and Philip Bull


  • Editors’ Introduction Malcolm Campbell and Lyndon Fraser
  • An Undertaking Worthy only of Fanatics: Catholic Opinion on Temperance and Prohibition in New Zealand c. 1870–1910 Greg Ryan
  • Language and Accent among Irish migrants in New Zealand Angela McCarthy
  • The Orange Order in Wellington 1874–1930: Class, Ethnicity and Politics Gerard Horn
  • Orange Parading Traditions in New Zealand 1880–1914 Patrick Coleman
  • The Irish and the Australian Colonial Stage – Confrontation and Compromise Peter Kuch

Book reviews

  • Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin, An Introduction to Early Irish Literature. W. Ann Trindade
  • Jason Harris and Keith Sidwell (eds), Making Ireland Roman. Thomas Herron
  • Lesa Ní Mhunghaile, (ed.) Charlotte Brooke’s Reliques of Irish Poetry. Jonathon O’Neill
  • Gregory A. Schirmer, After the Irish: An Anthology of Poetic Translation. Nicholas M. Wolf
  • Chris Arthur, Words of the Grey Wind: Family and Epiphany in Ulster. Chris Arthur, Irish Elegies. Chad Habel
  • Tom Conaty, An Exaltation of Starlings. Pat Galvin, Where the Music Comes From. Edward Reilly
  • Shane Alcobia-Murphy and Richard Kirkland, eds. The Poetry of Medbh McGuckian. Rebecca Pelan
  • Lavinia Greacen ed., J.G. Farrell in his Own Words. Stephen Lalor
  • Michael Patrick Gillespie, The Myth of an Irish Cinema. Peter Kuch
  • Brendan Grimes, Majestic Shrines and Graceful Sanctuaries. Carole M. Cusack
  • James Moran, Four Irish Rebel Plays. Peter Kuch
  • Conor Kostick Revolution in Ireland. Charlie McGuire, Roddy Connolly And The Struggle For Socialism in Ireland. Bill Anderson
  • John Cunningham, Unlikely Radicals: Irish Post-Primary Teachers and the ASTI, 1909–2009. Adrian Skerritt
  • Mary O’Connell, Our Lady of Coogee. Eugene Hynes
  • Tony Earls, Plunkett’s Legacy. Neill McLeod
  • Eoin Ó Broin, Sinn Féin and the Politics of Left Republicanism. Colm McNaughton
  • James P. Byrne, Padraig Kirwan and Michael O’Sullivan (eds), Affecting Irishness. Chad Habel