Volume 12

AJIS Volume 12 (2012): Contents


  • ‘Grammars In Search Of A Corpus: Pre-Revival Guides To The Irish Language’. Nicholas Wolf
  • ‘“I am doing fairly well in the lecturing line”: Michael Davitt and Australia 1895.’ Carla King
  • ‘More Than Just An Experiment: Irish Football Players In Australian Rules Football.’ Ciannon Cazaly
  • ‘The National Museum of Ireland – an ideological history.’ Patrick Cooke
  • ‘“The Dead” and The Dead: The adaptation of temporal structure from short fiction to film.’ Peter Dulgar

Irish Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand PRIZE ESSAY

  • Translating Táin Bó Cuailnge for Modern and Foreign Audiences: Strategies and Challenges Debora Biancheri

A Personal reflection

  • ‘Incorrigibly Plural: A Dubliner’s Diaspora’ Siobhán McHugh

Book reviews

  • Val Noone, Hidden Ireland in Victoria. Niall Ó Ciosáin
  • John Walsh, Contests And Contexts: The Irish Language And Ireland’s Socio-Economic Development. Colin Ryan
  • Marie Martin, Learning by Wandering: an ancient Irish perspective for a digital world. Cian Marnell
  • F.H.A. Aalen, Kevin Whelan And Matthew Stout (eds) Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape. Lindsay Proudfoot
  • Sharon J. Arbuthnot and Geraldine Parsons (eds) The Gaelic Finn tradition. Patrick Coleman
  • Marie Louise Coolahan, Women’s Writing in Early Modern Ireland Dianne Hall
  • James Kelly And Fiona Clark (eds) Ireland and Medicine in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. Susan Broomhall
  • Mel Cousins, Poor Relief in Ireland, 1851–1914. Elizabeth Malcolm
  • Colin Barr, The European Culture Wars in Ireland: The Callan Schools Affair, 1868–1881. Carole M. Cusack
  • Ann Keogh and Dermot Keogh, Bertram Windle: The Honan Bequest and the modernisation of University College Cork, 1904–1919. John A. Murphy
  • Marianne Elliott, When God took sides: Religion and Identity in Ireland—Unfinished History. Louise Fuller
  • Paul McMahon, British spies and Irish rebels: British intelligence and Ireland, 1916–1945 Daniel Leach
  • Niamh Hourigan, (ed) Understanding Limerick: social exclusion and change. Chris McConville
  • Donald Harman Akenson, Ireland, Sweden and the Great European Migration, 1815–1914. Angela McCarthy
  • Anne McMahon, Convicts at Sea: the voyages of the Irish convict transports to Van Diemen’s Land, 1840-1853. Perry McIntyre
  • Elizabeth Rushen and Perry McIntyre, The Merchant’s Women: the story of over 200 young single women who left England in 1833 to settle in New South Wales. Lucy Frost
  • Bryan Fanning and Ronaldo Munck (ads), Globalization, Migration and Social Transformation: Ireland in Europe and the World. Patricia O’Connor
  • Angela McCarthy and Catharine Coleborne (eds,) Migration, Ethnicity, and Mental Health: International Perspectives, 1840–2010. Dolly MacKinnon
  • Mark Boyle, Metropolitan Anxieties: on the meaning of the Irish Catholic Adventure in Scotland. Bronwen Walter
  • Carol MacKeogh and Díóg O’Connell (eds), Documentary in a Changing State: Ireland Since the 1990s. Peter Kuch
  • Irene De Angelis, The Japanese Effect in Contemporary Irish Poetry. Frances Devlin-Glass
  • James Lawless, Rus in Urbe. Hugh O’Donnell, No Place Like It. Colin Ryan
  • Eibhear Walshe, Oscar’s Shadow: Wilde, Homosexuality and Modern Ireland. Peter Kuch