Volume 19

AJIS Volume 19 (2019): Contents

Notes on Contributors

David Patrick Brian Fitzpatrick.
The Editors

Irish Women and Men in Victoria’s Prisons, 1850s–1880s.
Elizabeth Malcolm

Irish Symbols in Warwick 1872–1917.
Rodney Sullivan and Robin Sullivan

‘Make it Too Hot for Them to Stop in the Colony’: Irish and Chinese Relations in Australia, 1851–1901.
Barry McCarron

The Irish-American Novel in Australia: Mary-Anne Sadlier, Christine Faber and Nineteenth-century Diaspora Fiction
Kevin Molloy

ISAANZ Postgraduate Essay Prize 2019
The Politics of Silence: Navigating Violence and the Nation in Seamus Heaney’s North and Roberto Bolaño’s By Night in Chile
Victoria Addis

Research Notes
A Corpus of Inscriptions in the Irish Language from Australia: Lapidary Inscriptions
Greg Byrnes, Val Noone and Jonathan M. Wooding, with the assistance of Robert Lindsey

Sheila’s Day: Myth or Memory?
Dymphna Lonergan

Book Reviews