Volume 8

AJIS Volume 8 (2008/9): Contents

Articles, Special Issue: Gender and the Irish Diaspora

  • Dianne Hall and Elizabeth Malcolm, ‘Diaspora, Gender and the Irish’ 3-29.
  • Pauline Prior, ‘Emigrants or Exiles? Female Ex-Prisoners Leaving Ireland, 1850-1900’ 30-47.
  • Pauline Rule, ‘Women and Marriage in the Irish Diaspora in Nineteenth-Century Victoria’ 48-66.
  • Mary O’Connell, ‘Our Lady of Coogee: Marian Visions in Irish Australia’ 67-88.
  • Paula Magee, ‘Fractured Irish and British Families in Western Australia: the Fairbridge Family Migration Scheme, 1960–69’ 89-111.

Book Reviews

  • Eugene Hynes, Knock: The Virgin’s Apparition in Nineteenth Century Ireland.
    Carole M. Cusack
  • C.E. Orser (ed.), Unearthing Hidden Ireland: Historical Archaeology at Ballykilcline, County Roscommon.
    Tim Murray
  • Margaret Ó hÓgartaigh, Kathleen Lynn: Irishwoman, Patriot, Doctor.
    Felicity Allen
  • Louise Ryan and Margaret Ward (eds), Irish Women and the Vote: Becoming Citizens.
    Margaret Ó hÓgartaigh
  • Graham Dawson, Making Peace with the Past? Memory, Trauma and the Irish Troubles.
    Chad Habel
  • Danine Farquharson and Sean Farrell (eds), Shadows of the Gunmen: Violence and Culture in Modern Ireland.
    Colm McNaughton 122
  • Kerby A. Miller, Ireland and Irish America: Class, Culture and Transatlantic Migration.
    Malcolm Campbell 125
  • Mervyn Busteed, Frank Neal and Jonathan Tonge (eds), Irish Protestant Identities.
    Angela McCarthy 127
  • Enda Delaney, The Irish in Post-War Britain.
    Patricia O’Connor 129
  • Laurence M. Geary and Andrew J. McCarthy (eds), Ireland, Australia and New Zealand: History, Politics and Culture.
    Elizabeth Malcolm
  • Richard and Marianne Davis, Ulster Enterprise and Public Service in New Zealand and Victoria, 1870–1920.
    Keith Pescod
  • Bob Reece, Daisy Bates: Grand Dame of the Desert.
    Rebecca Pelan
  • Catherine Nash, Of Irish Descent: Origin Stories, Genealogy, and the Politics of Belonging.
    Chad Habel
  • Ronald Ford (ed.), The Letters of Bernard Shaw to “The Times”, 1888-1950.
    A.M. Gibbs
  • Mary Trotter, Modern Irish Theatre.
    Frances Devlin-Glass
  • Sebastian Barry, The Secret Scripture.
    Christina Hunt Mahony
  • Eileen Sheehan, Down the Sunlit Hall.
    Frances Devlin-Glass
  • Chad Habel, Ancestral Narratives: Irish-Australian Identities in History and Fiction.
    Rebecca Pelan