MISS Online: Anglo-Irish roads to Jonathan Swift

20 April 2021. What was the relationship between Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels (1726) and his own experience of contemporary Anglo-Irish travel? The Irish Sea made Swift into a restless and necessary traveller capable of living in the space between an imperial England and a colonised Ireland, never at home in any one place.

Women and the Decade of Commemorations

23rd March 2021. Join this international online book launch and discussion of a new book on women and the commemorations of the Irish revolutionary period. Women and the Decade of Commemorations, edited by Oona Frawley, highlights not only the responsibilities of Irish women, past and present, but it also privileges women’s scholarship in an attempt to redress what has been a long-standing imbalance.

MISS Online: Gender, Ethnicity, and the Irish in Canadian Colonial Lunatic Asylums, 1832-1868

23 March 2021. No study has yet undertaken a detailed analysis of how the Great Irish Famine and negative stereotypes about the Irish affected the rate of their incarceration in Canadian lunatic asylums. Drawing on asylum admission records, case files, annual reports, casebooks, and administrative letters, this paper investigates how being Irish affected the medical treatment offered in Canadian colonial lunatic asylums and the gendered significance these medical determinations had on beliefs about the Irish before Canadian Confederation in 1867.

“A Name for Herself”, a new play about Constance Markievicz

A Name for Herself , a play about Constance Markievicz written by Meg McNena and directed by Dublin-born Lynda Fleming premieres for two shows on 13 March at the Renaissance Theatre, East Kew, Melbourne. Sisters: a militant rebel and a pacifist poet strive to set women and Ireland free; one sentenced to death – can the […]

The Passing of Gerry Higgins

A remarkable figure in Victoria’s Irish-Australian community, Gerry Higgins and his family generously funded the Gerry Higgins Chair of Irish Studies at the University of Melbourne. It remains the only chair of Irish Studies in the whole of Australia. Gerry’s philanthropy has enabled hundreds of students to understand better Ireland and its part in world […]


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