Volume 14


Special Joyce Issue guest edited by Peter Kuch and Frances Devlin-Glass

‘Joycean Worlds’: An Introduction to the Special Joyce Issue by Peter Kuch

‘Through the windr of a wondr in a wildr is a weltr as a wirbl of a warbl is a world’: Wakeing Worlding, by Tony Thwaites

Theatres of Emotion—A Cognitive Reading of Leopold Bloom in the ‘Sirens’ Episode of Ulysses by Kerri M. Haggart

Recording Ulysses: Joyce and the Tradition of Irish Oratory, by William Martin

John Clarke and James Joyce, by Gabrielle Carey.

ISAANZ Postgraduate Prize Essay

Osmond Esmonde’s Dominion Odyssey: Irish Nationalism in the British Empire, 1920–21 by Shane Lynn

O’Donnell Fellowship Essay

Patrons, Poets, Scribes and Singers—Some Examples of Participation by Women in the Later Gaelic Literary Tradition by Miriam Uí Dhonnabháin


Remembering the Saints of Munster: An Irish Prayer Book Copied by Dáibhí de Barra by Constant J. Mews, Chris Watson & Julia S. Kühns

Book Reviews

Oona Frawley, Flight by Frances Devlin-Glass 

Mark Mulholland,A Mad and Wonderful Thing by Roxanne Bodsworth

Eimear McBride, A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing by Frances Devlin-Glass

Noel King (ed.), Ten Years in the Doghouse: An Anthology of New Poetry; Mark Whelan, The Sear of Wounds  by Colin Ryan

Anatoly Kudryavitsky (ed.), Bamboo Dreams: An Anthology of Haiku Poetry from Ireland  by Colin Ryan

Kevin Birmingham, The Most Dangerous Book: The Battle for James Joyce’s Ulysses by Frances Devlin-Glass

Olivia Cosgrove, Laurence Cox, Carmen Kuhling & Peter Mulholland, Ireland’s New Religious Movements by Cath Connelly

Laurence Cox, Buddhism and Ireland: From the Celts to the Counter-Culture
by Carole M. Cusack

Catherine Foley, Step Dancing in Ireland: Culture and History by Jeanette Mollenhauer

Fiona Probyn-Rapsey, Made to Matter: White Fathers, Stolen Generations by Frances Devlin-Glass

W.E. Vaughan (ed.), The Old Library Trinity College Dublin 1712–2012  by Kevin Molloy

Oona Frawley (ed.), Memory Ireland. Volume 2: Diaspora and Memory Practices; Mícheál Ó hAodha and John O’Callaghan (eds), Narratives of the Occluded Irish Diaspora: Subversive Voices by  Elizabeth Malcolm

Gerard Noonan, The IRA in Britain, 1919–1923: ‘In the Heart of Enemy Lines’  by Gemma Clark

Patrick Mannix, The Belligerent Prelate: An Alliance Between Archbishop Daniel Mannix and Eamon de Valera; James Griffin, Daniel Mannix: Beyond the Myths  by Colin Barr

Mary Elizabeh Calwell, I Am Bound To Be True: The Life and Legacy of Arthur A. Calwell, 18961973 by Elizabeth Malcolm

John Sarsfield Casey, A Mingling of Swans: A Cork Fenian and Friends ‘Visit’ Australia by Ian Chambers

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