Past conferences

Programmes & Abstracts

2021 :: University of Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland (virtual), December 2021
Convenors: Malcolm Campbell, Jan Cronin, Rina Kim and Brad Patterson

2019 :: Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, December 2019
Convenors: Fidelma Breen, Susan Arthure, Stephanie James and Dymphna Lonergan

2018 :: Sydney University, Sydney, Australia

23rd Australasian Irish Studies Conference
Sydney, November 2018
Convenor: Jonathan Wooding

2016 :: Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

22nd Australasian Irish Studies Conference
Adelaide, November–December 2016
Convenors: Fidelma Breen and Dymphna Lonergan

2015 :: Maynooth University, Ireland

21st Australasian Irish Studies Conference
Maynooth, June 2015
Convenors: Philip Bull, Oona Frawley and Pauric Travers

2013 :: University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

20th Australasian Irish Studies Conference
Sydney, December 2013
Convenors: Ronan McDonald and Gemma Clark

2012 :: University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

19th Australasian Irish Studies Conference
Dunedin, November 2012
Convenor: Angela McCarthy

2011 :: National Museum of Australia, Canberra, Australia

18th Australasian Irish Studies Conference
Canberra, July 2011
Convenor: Richard Reid

2010 :: Queens University, Belfast, Ireland

17th Australasian Irish Studies Conference
Belfast, July 2010
Convenor: Peter Gray

2009 :: Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

16th Australasian Irish Studies Conference
Wellington, July 2009
Convenor: Brad Patterson

2007 :: La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

15th Irish Australian Conference
Melbourne, September 2007
Convenor: Jennifer Ridden

2005 :: University College, Cork, Ireland

14th Irish Australian Conference
Cork, June 2005
Convenor: Laurence Geary

2004 :: University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

13th Irish Australian Conference
Melbourne, September-October 2004
Convenor: Elizabeth Malcolm

2002 :: University College, Galway, Ireland

12th Irish Australian Conference
Galway, June 2002
Convenor: Louis de Paor

2000 :: Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

11th Irish Australian Conference
Perth, April 2000
Convenor: Bob Reece

1998 :: La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

10th Irish Australian Conference
Melbourne, September-October 1998
Convenors: Philip Bull, Frances Devlin Glass and Helen Doyle

1997 :: University College, Galway, Ireland

9th Irish Australian Conference
Galway, April 1997
Convenor: Tadhg Foley and Fiona Bateman

1995 :: University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia

8th Irish Australian Conference
Hobart, July 1995
Convenor: Richard Davis

1993 :: University of Queensland & Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

7th Irish Australian Conference
Brisbane, July 1993
Convenors: Rebecca Pelan, Noel Quirke and Mark Finnane

1990 :: La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

6th Irish Australian Conference
Melbourne, July 1990
Convenors: Philip Bull, Chris McConville and Noel McLachlan

1988 :: Canberra College of Advanced Education, Canberra, Australia

5th Irish Australian Conference
Canberra, August-September 1988
Convenors: Oliver MacDonagh and W.J. Mandle

1988 :: University College, Galway, Ireland

4th Irish Australian Conference
Galway, January 1988
Convenor: Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh

1985 :: National University of Australia, Canberra, Australia

3rd Irish Australian Conference
Canberra, August 1985
Convenors: Oliver MacDonagh and W.J. Mandle

1983 :: Kilkenny, Ireland

2nd Irish Australian Conference
Kilkenny, October 1983
Convenor: Colm Kiernan

1980 :: Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

1st Irish Australian Conference
Canberra, November 1980
Convenor: Oliver MacDonagh

Irish-Australian Conference Series 1980-2007

The following papers were presented by Dr Val Noone. The first at the 10th Irish-Australian Conference, La Trobe University, 28 September – 2 October 1998. The second paper was for the 15th Irish-Australian Conference, La Trobe University, 23-26 September 2007.

Australia and Ireland: The emigrant experience

A Conference, ‘Australia and Ireland: The emigrant experience’, convened by John O’Brien and Pauric Travers was held in Dublin in April 1987. It was not part of the numbered sequence of conferences but has generally been included with the other conferences in the series.

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